Our Previous Work

John Bowler’s Eggs is one of the largest producers of Lion Code free range eggs in the UK and they have around 2,000 laying hens, with more than 150 farms in the franchise.

The company wanted to improve the design of existing control panels which controlled the internal environment, fed the hens, and carried out other functions.

The existing panels were fiddly to set, which created time issues for the company.

What Was Required

We were asked to improve reliability, simplify the operation, generate alarms and improve automation of the system.

We used modern PLC and HMI equipment to achieve these goals because they are easy to maintain, can develop quickly and are reliable, flexible and scalable.

It also helped to mitigate any extra hardware costs.

The Result

The completed system runs almost every aspect of the chicken units. Systems that were separate like bird weighing and feed weighing are now integrated and extra ideas have now been included alongside the original requirements.

The HMI gives a very simple user interface that needs a minimum of text, which helps the user understand and follow procedures. The PLC meant no more unreliable timers. Every important aspect is now alarmed, which helps people quickly know if there is a problem, and remote access allows a farmer to monitor and control a system through a mobile phone or computer.

John Bowler’s Eggs are also now better equipped to support their farmers as more data is received and communicated for use as statistics, which helps farmers improve production efficiency.

The Benefits

Truvolution has helped to give John Bowler’s Eggs a market advantage by maximising production efficiency as livestock is healthier and environmental impact has been reduced.

We were also asked to develop another system for the company in a different market, so there were mutual benefits for both companies.

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