Our Services

Truvolution provides a wide range of skills but our expertise has proven extremely useful to customers across the Staffordshire region.

Our main services are in control software and systems such as PLC, HMI, and control panel builds.

But we also offer general consultation as well as taking a lead in your design project, and our engineers can ask you questions from technical issues to regulation compliance to help maximise performance.

Designing A System

When we are designing a system, the following processes usually take place:

  • We determine your expectations and what we can deliver
  • We give you suggestions and other alternatives if required
  • We take you through product compliance requirements
  • We select the right technology for your needs
  • We come up with the hardware for the technology
  • We select the components and work out what specification they need to be, and how they match up to requirements such as reliability, compliance, availability and pricing.
  • We prototype the product
  • We test it before manufacturing can begin
  • We find a production house to suit your needs

After we have created the product, we provide ongoing support to ensure that the technology is working correctly for you.

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